Cruise MemberSHIP Renewal


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How it Works:

  • Purchasing the MemberSHIP Renewal will extend your existing MemberSHIP access by 365 days.
  • You must be logged in under your existing or expired account to purchase the renewal.
  • Extending your MemberSHIP with a renewal is only available to purchase after your existing MemberSHIP is at least 250 days old, or expired.

The MemberSHIP grants the pass holder free access to every Madam Carroll live entertainment cruise for 365 days from the date of purchase – making them great to purchase any time of the year.

Guests with MemberSHIP accounts also take advantage of the following:

  • First Access to Tickets on Newly Released Events
  • $20 Off Dinner & Brunch Cruise Tickets
  • 50%+ Off All VIP Seat Reservations
  • 20% Off All Online Merchandise (check out the new store!)

NOTE: If you’re purchasing a MemberSHIP for someone else, you’ll need to purchase the MemberSHIP Voucher for that guest to setup their own account.


  • To purchase a Renewal for your MemberSHIP, you must have previously established a MemberSHIP account and be logged in.
  • To login to your exiting account or search for your account by email Visit The MemberSHIP Login Page.
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How many people can use the MemberSHIP?

  • MemberSHIPs are specific to each person, tickets redeemed with a MemberSHIP may only be used to board the cruise by the person registered as the member.
  • A MemberSHIP is valid for the redemption of one ticket per cruise. Be advised that most of our cruises are 21+.

What Cruises is the Membership Good For?

  • MemberSHIPs are valid to redeem free tickets to any listed cruise on the schedule with a few exceptions:
    • MemberSHIPs cannot be used to attend a cruise hosted by a 3rd party such as a fundraiser. For example: If “XYZ Charities” has rented the boat and plans to host an entertainer then sell tickets as a fundraiser, the membership would not be valid. Cruises of this nature will be specifically note on the event calendar.
    • MemberSHIPs cannot be used to attend cruises in which food and or drinks are included – However, use of a MemberSHIP on a dinner cruise is significantly discounted and so are other events.

If I have a MemberSHIP, can I just walk onto the boat for a cruise?

  • Members must still have a ticket to board each cruise, you will use your MemberSHIP login information to visit the website and redeem tickets to the cruises of your choice. Utilizing your login information, your purchase total will be zero dollars.
  • Purchase of a MemberSHIP does not guarantee admission to popular or sold out cruises.

How Long is the MemberSHIP Valid?

  • A MemberSHIP is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Please Be Advised:

  • Purchase of a MemberSHIP does not constitute a refund for cruises in which tickets may have already been purchased. Memberships are non-refundable.