Registering a Vessel and Participating in the Boat Parade

The Boat Parade will be open to any person or group with a water vessel, and we encourage everyone on the water or in the surrounding areas to come out, decorate your craft, ride along or watch. All are welcome to participate in the Boat Parade.

If you wish to be judged on your Boat’s Decoration, you will have to register in advance, or on the morning of the Parade (with an official stationed at the Oakdale Dam) from 9:30-10:30am. Registration can be done on Facebook at Lake Freeman Fireworks, or by calling 574-581-1131. Registration is free of charge, and the winner of the decoration contest will be given a framed picture of the Lake Freeman Fireworks Show from 2019. All are welcomed to visit the Sportsmann, Kopacetic, or Oakdale Dam Inn before, during, or after the parade.


Registering Heros to Ride on the Madam Carroll

This July 4th weekend will be a time to celebrate the Independence of a Nation, AND the complete re-opening of our State. We are inviting members of our community to participate in the 2020 Lake Freeman Independence Day Boat Parade by riding along as a guest on the Madam Carroll. First Responders, Any Medical Professionals and Nursing Staff, and Any Military Personnel, along with a guest, may be granted FREE ADMISSION on the Madam Carroll following application.

Registration can be done using the submission form on this website, by calling the SFLECC office at 574-583-9784, or the Enjoy White County office at 574-313-1421 . Spaces are limited and it is first come first serve. Remember, you will get one guest with your registration and you must be 21 or over to ride in the lower lounge of the boat. Drinks will be available for purchase in the Luse Lounge and music will be played throughout the cruise.

We will be following the recommended guidelines as set by the State and CDC for crowds of people, and administering temperature checks before boarding the Madam Carroll. We do advise those who are HIGH RISK individuals to STAY HOME, or observe the parade from a location that allows for better social distancing.

Schedule of Events

8:00 AM – Boarding Begins for our Hometown Heros at the Madam Carroll Dock

9:00 AM – Departure of the Madam Carroll from Dock

10:30 AM – Madam Carroll Arrives at the Oakdale Dam

11:00 AM – Boat Parade Begins, Following the Madam Carroll

The parade route will run the length of the Lake from Oakdale Dam to Luse Bridge, with the Finish and Boat Decoration Judging being on the Deck of the Sportmann Inn Restaurant. A Patriotic Flyover by the Hooligans will take place around the Parade Finish, and will stretch the entire length of Lake Freeman; from Dam to Sandbar.

12:30 PM – Madam Carroll Returns to Dock

12:30 PM1:00 PM – Boat Decoration Judging being on the Deck of the Sportmann