Design and Ownership

The Madam Carroll is the largest registered vessel in Indiana, built in August of 1976. She was designed and built from scratch by Captain Bill Luse. The Luse Family owned and operated the boat through 2012 when it was purchased by Tom Heckard of Logansport. In 2018 the boat was purchased by business partners Chris Peters and Chris Lehe.

Boat Specifications

If the Madam were on salt water, she would be classified as a ship. She is 135 feet in length with a beam of 36 feet. She is powered by twin V-8 Detroit Diesel Engines and cruises at 10 knots. Her electric power is a 150KVA powered by a 6 cylinder Detroit Diesel. She carries 750 gallons of fresh water, and 825 gallons of diesel fuel. The boat has a total capacity of 500 passengers.

Exploring the Boat

The First Deck

The first deck features an enclosed cocktail lounge with a large 22 x 18 foot oak dance floor, and a recently expanded 27 x 10 foot stage. It is fully equipped with lights and a sound system. The lounge seats up to 200 passengers comfortably and stays cool with climate controlled air conditioning. On this deck, you’ll be completely surrounded by windows for a nearly 360-degree view of the lake. Restrooms are close to the lounge for a quick trip. A wheelchair ramp and side access was recently added making the boat and the first deck wheelchair accessible.

The Second Deck

Ascending to the second deck you will find an enclosed galley complete with a snack bar and recently added additional restrooms. Outside, you can enjoy the open air and moonlight view of Lake Freeman while dancing under the stars. If you’re ready for a break, cozy up under the canopy on the new cushion seating arrangements.

The Third Deck

Visit the bridge on the third deck and meet the Captain behind the controls, visit with them as they plot the course and learn more about the historic boat you’re on. From here, you’ll be nearly 30 feet above the water for the best possible views of the lake.