The Queen of Lake Freeman

At 135 feet long and weighing in at 300 tons, the Madam Carroll is the largest registered boat in the state of Indiana. The vessel has an operational capacity of 500 guests and a license to party. She was launched on Lake Freeman in Monticello, Indiana in August of 1976. The Madam boat cruises seasonally on a regular schedule May through November and year-round for special events, providing live entertainment, dinner cruises, and private charters on one of the Midwest’s most unique and historical vessels.

The Luse Lounge

Live Music and Cocktails DOCKSIDE!

The Luse Lounge is the Madam Carroll’s new dockside “boat bar” operation aptly named in commemoration of Madam Carroll founder, Bill Luse Sr. and family. The lounge operates just like a normal bar, out of the Madam Carroll while she is dockside.

Due to COVID-19 the Luse Lounge is closed and will tentatively reopen to the public Wednesday, June 17th.

Madam Carroll, Indiana’s Largest Boat, Releases New Cruise Options in Response to COVID

In February of this year we began a mechanical and operational overhaul on Indiana’s largest boat, preparing her for our 2nd season of operation and what was, at the time, the busiest and most aggressive cruising schedule the boat has seen in nearly 20 years. The start of any cruising season for the Madam is heavy with maintenance and investment – a cost typically offset with private charters like weddings, formals, and fundraising events on the boat.

With recent upgrades, the vessel has two new engines, all new plumbing and in a move previously thought to be impossible – was outfitted to continue her operation through the winter months. In just the past few weeks, the Madam Carroll was pulled from Lake Freeman and passed both her dockside and dry dock DNR inspections with zero deficiencies. What else could two 30-something year old owners who invested their life savings into a business ask for, right? Oh, a global pandemic? Perfect.

Our 2020 operational schedule was slated to begin with cruises in March…

Chris Peters and Chris Lehe, owners of the Madam Carroll.
Chris Peters (left) and Chris Lehe (right), owners of the Madam Carroll.