The Luse Lounge is the Madam Carroll’s new dockside “boat bar” operation aptly named in commemoration of Madam Carroll founder, Bill Luse Sr. and family. The lounge operates just like a normal bar, out of the Madam Carroll while she is dockside.

Simply head to the boat, make your way onto the vessel, and enjoy a cocktail on the water without worrying about cruise departure and return times. You don’t have to take a cruise to enjoy some brews! Our main lounge (the first main floor) is cool and equipt with AC for the summer and Heat in the winter, but feel free to explore the views from the rest of the boat including a shaded upper deck and a 3rd top deck with some amazing views!

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The Luse Lounge on the Madam Carroll

Hours of Operation

You can reserve the Luse Lounge for special programming and private events! If you or your organization is interested in hosting an event at the Lounge, dockside, on a Saturday or Sunday please contact us through our Dockside Reservation Page. Stay up to date with our Facebook Page or by Registering for our Newsletter

The Luse Lounge on the Madam Carroll

Upcoming Live Shows

The Luse Lounge has live entertainment select Friday evenings during the summer while she is dockside. No cover! Just come and enjoy the nightlife in a great venue for live music! Check out the line up for the Luse Lounge below.


2023Fri02Jun8:30 PMFri11:30 PMGroup TherapyDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri09Jun9:00 PMFri11:30 PMThe Grace Scott BandDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri16Jun8:30 PMFri11:30 PMKB3 The Kyle Bledsoe TrioDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri23Jun8:30 PMFri11:30 PMEcho UnionDockside at the Luse Lounge


2023Fri07Jul8:30 PMFri11:30 PMRory Book & The VolumesDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri14Jul9:00 PMFri11:30 PMUncle Buck's Mojo BledsoeDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri21Jul8:30 PMFri11:30 PMWunderlickDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri28Jul8:30 PMFri11:30 PMThe Cheese WeaselsDockside at the Luse Lounge


2023Fri04Aug8:30 PMFri11:30 PMThe RemedyDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri18Aug9:00 PMFri11:30 PMFive After MidnightDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri25Aug8:30 PMFri11:30 PMThe WaybacsDockside at the Luse Lounge


2023Fri01Sep8:30 PMFri11:30 PMBrandt CarmichaelDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri15Sep9:30 PMFri11:59 PMDavey and the MidnightsDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri22Sep8:30 PMFri11:30 PMHooDoo CrossingDockside at the Luse Lounge

2023Fri29Sep8:30 PMFri11:30 PMGroup TherapyDockside at the Luse Lounge


2023Fri06Oct8:30 PMFri11:30 PMThe Cosmic SituationDockside at the Luse Lounge

The Madam Carroll Luse Lounge
The Madam Carroll Luse Lounge