Madam Carroll Owners Announce Opening of Dockside Operation, “The Luse Lounge”

PRESS RELEASE: Madam Carroll Owners Announce Opening of Dockside Operation, “The Luse Lounge”

Soft Opening Invite

Monticello, IN – Beginning on Wednesday, July 10th, the Madam Carroll’s new dockside “Boat Bar”, aptly now named, “The Luse Lounge,” in commemoration of Madam Carroll founder, Bill Luse Sr., will be hosting a soft opening from 4:00 -10:00 p.m., announced co-owner, Chris Peters.

We invite residents and visitors to stop by for drinks or casual hello’s and enjoy the Madam Carroll docked and ready for hospitality,” said Chris Peters.  You can find an updated calendar for The Luse Lounge hours and weekly events aboard the legendary vessel via the company website, “As we have already booked a number of private events through the week and weekends, our hours might be a bit sporadic, so we want to communicate our operation to the best of our ability with our guests until we fall into a more-routine schedule with the (Luse) Lounge”, Peters added.

Previously, restrictions on the Madam Carroll liquor license limited the sale of alcohol to one hour prior and during a scheduled cruise. Patrons may now board the vessel dockside, and enjoy drinks, music, and fellowship, even when there isn’t a scheduled cruise.

We cannot thank Senator Alting enough as he was our strongest advocate with the new legislation which allows for expanded hours of our operation and thus, more opportunities for us to re-invest in the vessel,” said Peters.  “We believe a lounge venue is another great opportunity for us to showcase our wonderful lakes.”

Chris Peters and Chris Lehe purchased the Madam Carroll in November of 2018. In only a few short months, the operational season has been expanded to include family events, brunch cruises, and themed events for the community. For the first time, online ticketing for events is now available via the Madam Carroll website.

Capital infrastructure upgrades now allow the Madam Carroll to operate through the winter season and include an overhauled main cabin, digital televisions for event and game viewing, and the ability to take and process credit cards on the boat while at dock or cruising. The passing of House Enrolled Act 1518 has not only validated but expanded the wintertime potential of the vessel which Lehe and Peters announced a few short months ago with their plans for year-round operation.

The Luse Lounge” is a great addition to our existing operational agenda,” said Chris Lehe.  “This is first and foremost a Luse vessel and we can’t think of a better way to honor the legacy of such a unique state treasure the family has created. We sincerely thank the community for their encouragement and support.”


The Madam Carroll is the largest boat in the state of Indiana, launched in August of 1976. She was designed and built from scratch by Captain Bill Luse. The Luse Family owned and operated the boat through 2012 when it was purchased by Tom Heckard of Logansport. In 2018 the boat was purchased by business partners Chris Peters and Chris Lehe. More information and multimedia available for use by the media is available on the Madam Carroll Press and Media Page.