Cruise MemberSHIP
Cruise MemberSHIP
Cruise MemberSHIP

Introducing: The Madam Carroll MemberSHIP

The one time purchase of a memberSHIP grants the pass holder free access to every Madam Carroll live entertainment cruise through the 2021 season. If you already have purchased a MemberSHIP with your email or would like to purchase a MemberSHIP for someone else – please purchase the MemberSHIP Gift Voucher here. Guests who hold a MemberSHIP will also take advantage of the following:

  • First Access to Tickets on Newly Released Events
  • $20 Dinner and Brunch Cruise Tickets (Reg. $37.97).
  • 50%+ Off All VIP Seat Reservations
  • 20% Off All Online Merchandise (check out the new store!)

The sale of these memberSHIPs is limited by quantity to control boat capacity – Once they are sold, they are gone!

How it Works:

  1. Purchase this item, you’ll receive an email with your assigned login and password.
  2. Use your membership login when you return to the website for purchases.
  3. Select any cruise of your choice and check out. Your balance will be zero dollars!


For more details, please see the memberSHIP description below. The sale of memberSHIPs is limited by quantity. If you have any questions, let us know:

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